Morango Academy : How to treat curls

Morango Academy

The #1 education platform, specialised in treating and caring curls. Especially for professionals but also for curlies or parents that don’t know how to take care of the curly hair of their offspring.

Morango academy is a platform where you can find a lot of questions and answers related to curls. We want to showcase how to deal with curly hair. From daily care to professional guidance. From online tutorials to two day courses.

Morango Academy embraces the curls and the kinks and wants to share knowledge and experience. Morango academy is a part of our salon Morango Curls, the curl-specialist in Rotterdam.

Online tutorials and two days courses for professionals

Textured hair is being denied and dodged for decades in salons, the fashion industrie and in general. The cause of this can be traced back to the lack of education that hairdressers have received.

Often we work against the nature of the hair, curls get blowed out and straight hair wil get chemical curls.

Morango academy wants to make a change and wants to focus on education.

To treat and to care for curls, You truly need to understand what curls are about. In our knowledge base we give tips and there are answers given to the most frequently asked questions.

Morango Academy also offers online courses where we want to learn professionals and curlies how to treat curls the Morango way.

For professionals we offer one or two days courses, where we completely dive into the Morango techniques step by step. Also we will examine your knowledge that has been accumulated during the course. 10 years of experience will be bundled in a tailored class.

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